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Luna Skincare Review

We’ve decided to rate Luna Skincare Anti Aging Formula at 5 stars, and here’s why; it’s that good.  While we thought about taking down a star for the somewhat convoluted trial requirements, once we looked at it, it turned out to be a lot simpler than we thought.  The product is fantastic, and that really steered our judgement on the matter.  It’s so effective at what it sets out to do, that we’ve considered trying to get a couple trials going at once.  Much to our chagrin, that’s not possible.  The trial is only available to first time buyers, probably to cut down on people taking advantage of that low initial price, then cancelling. 

Luna Skincare Anti Aging Formula Ingredients

There are two primary ingredients we want to talk about in-depth; collagen, and peptides.

Luna Skincare Anti Aging FormulaCollagen:  Collagen is the name of the game in skincare, and offers a sizeable set of benefits for people using it topically.  But finding the right collagen product is easier said than done.  With so many products out there that use collagen in tiny, broken up fragments, it’s easy to see why.  Luna Skincare is using full-chain collagen, which is thought to be the most effective way of utilizing collagen in topical applications.  It’s thought to improve collagen production, and even help improve skin structure.

Peptides: Peptides are impressive in a lot of ways, but they’re chief use in skincare products comes from their affinity for achieving better moisture retention.  There’s a common condition in skincare called Transepidermal water loss that we always try to bring up whenever we talk about peptides.  Peptides are one of the few known ways to combat this water loss between layers, and because it’s used so well by Luna Skincare Anti Aging Formula, we think you’ll see nothing short of brilliant results.

Other Ingredients: Unfortunately, the marketing material for Luna Skincare Anti Aging Formula has been so singularly focused, that we haven’t seen a full list of ingredients anywhere.  That can make it tough to talk about the other ingredients, obviously, but we’ll keep this page updated in case they decide to make that info public in the run-up to the trial.

Luna Skincare Anti Aging Formula Results

We typically group skincare products into two camps; short term, and long term.  There is a role for short term products.  Just look at your hydrating serum.  It’s great for that on the spot moisturizing and nourishing.  But you’re not getting anything more or less than that.  Long term products can be a tough sell a lot of times, mostly because everybody wants results NOW.  But by blending the two camps together into one, more centrally-focused approach, you get both good results in the moment, and with long-term use.

Luna Skincare Anti Aging Formula Contact Info

Typically we’ll get a long list of ways to contact a company, but because the product is still in the infancy of production and release, we’ve only seen one number listed for customer support.  Be sure to write down any information you see when you order, or at least bookmark the page so you can reference it later should any issues arise.  The contact number that we saw was +1 (877) 671-0074, but that can change.  We’ll try to keep this page updated, but keep in mind that you bear the responsibility for storing contact information upon signing up for the trial.  Ready to head back to the main Luna Skincare page.  

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